Streamlining Workflows: A Guide to Closing Jira Issues from GitLab for Enhanced Productivity

Closing Jira Issues from GitLab: Efficient project management relies on the seamless collaboration of development and issue tracking tools. GitLab and Jira are two powerhouse platforms used by development teams worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to close issues in Jira directly from GitLab, optimizing your workflow and enhancing collaboration between development and project management teams.

Why Integrate GitLab and Jira?

Integrating GitLab with Jira brings numerous advantages to development teams:

  1. Centralized Workflow: Consolidate your workflow by having code repositories and issue tracking in a single, cohesive environment.
  2. Real-Time Collaboration: Keep development and project management teams on the same page with real-time updates on code changes and issue status.
  3. Enhanced Visibility: Gain a holistic view of your project by linking GitLab commits to Jira issues, providing a clear traceability path.
  4. Efficient Issue Management: Close Jira issues directly from GitLab, reducing the need to switch between platforms and streamlining your development process.

Closing Jira Issues from GitLab

Step 1: Establishing Integration

Ensure that your GitLab and Jira instances are integrated. This typically involves configuring the Jira integration in GitLab, allowing the two platforms to communicate seamlessly.

Step 2: Linking Commits to Jira Issues

When committing code changes in GitLab, include the Jira issue key in your commit messages (e.g., “Fixes PROJECT-123”). This creates a link between the commit and the corresponding Jira issue.

Step 3: Closing Issues

To close a Jira issue from GitLab, use specific keywords in your commit message. Commonly used keywords include “closes,” “fixes,” or “resolves.” For instance, using “Closes PROJECT-123” in your commit message will automatically close the associated Jira issue when the commit is merged.

Step 4: Verification

After merging your commit, navigate to the Jira issue. You should see that the issue is marked as “Resolved” or “Closed,” depending on your Jira workflow settings.

External Resources:

  1. GitLab-Jira Integration Documentation: Comprehensive documentation on configuring and using the GitLab-Jira integration.
  2. Closing issues using keywords: GitLab documentation on closing issues using keywords in commit messages.
  3. Jira Integration in GitLab FAQs: Frequently asked questions regarding GitLab-Jira integration, addressing common queries and potential issues.
  4. Jira Workflow Configuration: Learn how to configure Jira workflows to customize the issue lifecycle according to your team’s needs.


Q1: Can I close multiple Jira issues with a single GitLab commit?

A1: Yes, you can close multiple issues by referencing them in a single GitLab commit message. Use keywords like “closes” or “fixes” followed by the issue keys.

Q2: What happens if there is a conflict between GitLab and Jira issue statuses?

A2: GitLab and Jira will synchronize their statuses based on the most recent transition. Ensure that your workflow in both tools is aligned to prevent conflicts.

Q3: Are there limitations on which Jira issues can be closed from GitLab?

A3: The ability to close issues from GitLab depends on the permissions granted to the GitLab user and the workflow settings in Jira. Ensure proper permissions are set up.

Q4: Can I configure additional actions when closing a Jira issue from GitLab?

A4: GitLab allows you to configure webhooks and custom scripts, enabling you to perform additional actions when closing Jira issues, such as updating related documents or triggering notifications.

Q5: How can I troubleshoot issues with the GitLab-Jira integration?

A5: Refer to the GitLab-Jira Integration Documentation for troubleshooting tips. Common issues include misconfigured webhooks or incorrect permissions.


Integrating GitLab with Jira provides a powerful collaboration platform for development and project management teams. By following these steps and leveraging the integration capabilities, you can seamlessly close Jira issues directly from GitLab, enhancing your workflow and fostering a more efficient and collaborative development environment. Explore the external resources and FAQs provided to ensure a smooth integration process and troubleshoot any potential challenges.

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