A Tale of Two Editors: VS Code vs. VSCodium – Unveiling the Differences

A Tale of Two Editors: VS Code vs. VSCodium – Unveiling the Differences


In the realm of code editing, the quest for the perfect tool is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and VSCodium are two prominent contenders in this arena, both stemming from the same source yet offering different experiences. In this blog post, we’ll embark on a journey of comparison, delving into the nuances of these editors, to assist you in determining which one best aligns with your coding endeavors.

Exploring the Code Editor Duel: VS Code vs. VSCodium

Aspect Visual Studio Code (VS Code) VSCodium
Origin and License Developed by Microsoft, free and open-source Community-driven, open-source without telemetry
Extensions and Marketplace Flourishing VS Code marketplace No branded product tie-ins, independent extensions
Telemetry and Data Collection Data collection for improvement Stripped of telemetry and data reporting
Branding and Logos Microsoft branding and logos No Microsoft branding or logos
Microsoft Integration Deep integration with Microsoft products No direct integration with Microsoft offerings
Updates and Versions Regular Microsoft updates and versioning Independent updates and versioning
IntelliSense Efficiency Smart code suggestions and autocompletion Enhanced code analysis and context hints
Debugger Features Built-in debugger with multi-language support Comparable debugger support without integrations
Community and Support Robust Microsoft-backed community Independent community and collaborative support
Cross-platform Support Cross-platform compatibility (Windows, macOS, Linux) Similar cross-platform functionality
User Privacy Concerns May raise privacy considerations Emphasis on privacy with telemetry removal
Cost Aspect Free and open-source Free and open-source

When to Opt for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, backed by Microsoft, offers seamless integration with Microsoft products and a robust community. If you appreciate a highly-integrated environment and are comfortable with the data collection for improvement purposes, VS Code might be your companion. Its consistent updates and wealth of extensions add to its allure.

Choose Visual Studio Code if:

  1. Microsoft integration aligns with your workflow.
  2. You’re comfortable with telemetry for improvements.
  3. Regular updates and a plethora of extensions are vital.
  4. A strong, Microsoft-backed community resonates with you.

When to Opt for VSCodium

VSCodium is ideal if you value privacy and desire a code editor free from data collection and Microsoft branding. If you’re wary of telemetry and wish to contribute to a community-driven environment, VSCodium offers an independent experience with comparable features to VS Code.

Choose VSCodium if:

  1. Privacy and telemetry-free environment are paramount.
  2. You prefer an editor free from Microsoft branding.
  3. You value a community-driven and collaborative space.
  4. Similar features to VS Code without direct Microsoft integrations suit you.


The choice between VS Code and VSCodium rests on your coding philosophy and privacy concerns. Visual Studio Code, with Microsoft’s backing, offers deep integration and a robust community. VSCodium, on the other hand, provides a privacy-focused, community-driven alternative.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Explore both editors, embrace the one that aligns with your values and enhances your coding journey.

Happy coding!


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