Celebrating Eunice Newton Foote: A Trailblazing Climate Scientist and Geoengineering Pioneer

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Google celebrates the 204th birthday of Eunice Newton Foote, an American climate scientist and geoengineering pioneer, with a captivating Google Doodle. Foote was one of the first to discover the link between carbon dioxide and global warming, a finding that has profound implications for climate action and climate prediction. Let’s explore her fascinating life, remarkable experiment, and the lasting impact of her work.

Biography of Eunice Newton Foote:

Eunice Newton Foote was born in 1819, in a time when women’s contributions to science were often ignored or dismissed. Foote attended the prestigious Troy Female Seminary, where she developed her passion for learning and inquiry. She was also a staunch advocate for women’s rights and a signatory of the Declaration of Sentiments at the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention.

Foote’s Pioneering Experiment:

In 1856, Foote conducted an experiment that would change the course of climate science. She filled glass cylinders with different gases and exposed them to sunlight to measure their heating properties. She found that the cylinder with carbon dioxide trapped more heat than the others. She concluded that increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would lead to higher global temperatures, a concept that is widely accepted today.

The Unveiling of Foote’s Findings:

Foote’s groundbreaking experiment was presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. However, due to the sexist norms of the time, women were not allowed to attend the conference. Thus, Foote’s paper was read and presented by a male colleague. While her research was published in a scientific journal, it did not receive the recognition it deserved and remained largely overlooked for decades.

Legacy and Recognition:

Today, Eunice Newton Foote’s contributions to climate science are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Her work is acknowledged as a pioneering effort in understanding the role of carbon dioxide in global warming. Foote’s experiment laid the foundation for subsequent research in climate science, highlighting the crucial role of human activities in shaping our planet’s climate. Foote also anticipated the idea of geoengineering, or artificially cooling the planet by reflecting sunlight back into space, as a possible way to counteract global warming.

The Google Doodle Tribute:

The Google Doodle honoring Eunice Newton Foote’s 204th birthday is a testament to her enduring legacy. This tribute serves as a reminder of the often unsung heroes in scientific discovery, as well as the importance of equal recognition for their achievements. Foote’s trailblazing spirit and scientific insight continue to inspire and motivate future generations to pursue knowledge, break barriers, and make groundbreaking discoveries.


Eunice Newton Foote’s remarkable life, her groundbreaking experiment, and her contributions to climate science mark her as an influential figure in scientific history. As we celebrate her 204th birthday through the Google Doodle, we honor her courage, intellectual curiosity, and the indelible mark she left on the field of climate science. Eunice Newton Foote’s legacy serves as a reminder that scientific progress knows no boundaries and that even small experiments can lead to big discoveries.

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