How to embed google calendar in notion

Combining the power of Google Calendar with the versatility of Notion can supercharge your productivity by centralizing your schedule and tasks in one place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to embed Google Calendar in Notion, providing you with a seamless solution for managing your time and tasks efficiently.

Understanding the Importance of Integration

Google Calendar serves as a widely used tool for scheduling events, meetings, and appointments, while Notion offers a robust platform for organizing tasks, notes, and projects. By integrating these two tools, users can leverage the strengths of each platform to create a comprehensive system for managing their time and tasks effectively.

Methods of Embedding Google Calendar in Notion

1. Using Notion’s Embed Block:

Notion allows users to embed external content using the Embed block feature. By obtaining the embed code for your Google Calendar, you can easily insert it into your Notion workspace, providing a live view of your calendar directly within Notion.

2. Syncing with Notion’s Web Clipper:

Alternatively, you can use Notion’s Web Clipper browser extension to capture a screenshot of your Google Calendar and insert it as an image into your Notion workspace. While this method doesn’t offer live updates, it provides a visual representation of your calendar within Notion.

Steps to Embed Google Calendar in Notion

  1. Obtain Embed Code: Access your Google Calendar settings to obtain the embed code for your calendar.
  2. Insert Embed Block: In your Notion workspace, add a new Embed block and paste the embed code obtained from Google Calendar.
  3. Adjust Settings: Customize the appearance and size of the embedded calendar to fit your Notion layout preferences.
  4. View Embedded Calendar: Enjoy the convenience of viewing your Google Calendar directly within your Notion workspace, with live updates and seamless integration.

Benefits of Embedding Google Calendar in Notion

  • Centralized Organization: Keep your schedule and tasks in one place by integrating Google Calendar with Notion, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps.
  • Live Updates: Enjoy real-time updates and notifications for events and appointments directly within your Notion workspace, ensuring you stay on top of your schedule.
  • Customization Options: Customize the appearance and layout of your embedded calendar to suit your preferences and workflow.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By consolidating your calendar and tasks in Notion, you can streamline your workflow, prioritize tasks effectively, and maximize your productivity.

Best Practices for Embedding Google Calendar in Notion

  • Regular Updates: Ensure that your embedded calendar stays up-to-date by periodically refreshing the embed code in Notion.
  • Customize Views: Experiment with different calendar views and layouts to find the configuration that works best for your workflow.
  • Sync with Notion Database: Integrate your embedded calendar with Notion databases to create linked records and enhance task management capabilities.

External Links and FAQs

External Links:

  1. Google Calendar Help Center
  2. Notion Web Clipper Extension – Chrome Web Store


Q: Can I edit events directly within the embedded Google Calendar in Notion? A: No, the embedded calendar in Notion is read-only. To edit events, you’ll need to access your Google Calendar directly.

Q: Is it possible to embed multiple Google Calendars in Notion? A: Yes, you can embed multiple Google Calendars in Notion by obtaining the embed codes for each calendar and inserting them into separate Embed blocks.

Q: Will changes made in Google Calendar be reflected in the embedded calendar in Notion? A: Yes, the embedded calendar in Notion updates in real-time, so any changes made to events or appointments in Google Calendar will be reflected immediately in Notion.


Embedding Google Calendar in Notion offers a powerful solution for streamlining time management and task organization. By integrating these two platforms, users can create a centralized workspace that provides a comprehensive view of their schedule and tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Explore the integration methods and best practices outlined in this guide to unlock the full potential of Google Calendar and Notion for your productivity needs.

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